What to do if You’re Unhappy with Your Holiday

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Most holidays don’t go perfectly to plan. A slightly delayed flight, a bit of sunburn, a long queue at check in or a bad meal can be minor frustrations and are commonplace. But what happens when there are more serious issues that needs to be resolved? What if you’ve had the holiday from hell and you feel you deserve some compensation? Maybe you arrived and your luxury hotel was closed and they put you in a motel, maybe someone in your party suffered serious illness or injury as a result of the hotel’s negligence, maybe your flight home was cancelled and you had to pay for another…

Well, here is our step by step guide on how you can handle the situation and seek to resolve it:


1.) Have perspective

After a long day of travelling and minor delays it can be easy to see every little inconvenience as a nightmare. Think about the big picture, perhaps you are feeling more aggrieved than you normally might, look at the situation objectively. Don’t ruin a potentially great holiday before it starts by looking at everything with a negative mindset before you’ve had a chance to digest it.


2.) Speak to your tour operator

If you booked a package holiday you will likely have more chance of a quick resolution and of successfully claiming compensation should the dispute get that far. A package holiday company will have designed the whole holiday for you and made promises that they should have delivered on. Speak to them in the first instance, be reasonable and objective and they may well be able to resolve the situation there and then.

Do make sure you speak up quickly, give them chance to rectify the problem quickly, this will also put you in good standing should you try to claim later.

If you haven’t booked a package holiday, take the same approach with the specific operators you have a grievance with. This could be the airline, hotel, an excursion agent/operator or a transfer operator.


3.) Gather some evidence

Should your problem not be resolved to your satisfaction, gather some evidence. Take photos, videos, copies of communication and contact details of witnesses, if relevant. This is crucial should you want to progress your claim to court. It will also put you in a strong position should you present a case for compensation directly to the operator.


4.) Act on your evidence

You’ve arrived home, nothing has been done and you feel like you want to take the matter further in your quest for compensation. Collate all the detail you have and speak to a solicitor.


5.) Call DRN

Call our team of experts in cross border claims and over seas litigation. Led by director Matthew Finley they can be contacted on 01282 433 241.


6.) We will evaluate your case

We will provide you with a free initial assessment, advise you on the best legal course of action and the likely result of any claim. We will also advise whether we can pursue your claim under a ‘no win, no fee’ premise.


7.) We will proceed your claim for you

If instructed we will proceed. Whether you are looking to claim against loss of value, loss of enjoyment, out of pocket expenses, or as a result of minor or serious injury, our team has vast experience in managing travel claims, giving you the best chance of a successful outcome.

Most holidays aren’t quite perfect but that doesn’t stop you having a great time, which is certainly the case for the majority. However, if you are part of the unfortunate few and you’ve had a holiday that has left you wishing you had stayed at home, please do contact us today on 01282 433 241.