What to do if You’re Accused of a Crime

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The simple answer is – contact a solicitor as soon as you are accused. Even before you attend the police station, contact your solicitor so that they can support you and protect your interests throughout. Attending a police station can be daunting, not only will your solicitor protect your legal interests, they will support you in this unfamiliar environment. Call a solicitor as soon as you are able, this is a legal right which cannot be denied.

There are a wide variety of offences that you could be accused of as you navigate your way through life. From minor motoring offences through to more serious crimes such as supplying drugs, firearms offences and rape. DRN’s criminal law solicitors have the experience and knowledge that you need to ensure that you are represented strongly, giving you the support to achieve the best possible outcome. This could be avoiding a fine or community service to, in the more serious cases, avoiding a lengthy jail term.

We have been there and done it. We have a long track record of achieving outstanding results for our criminal clients. We will work closely with you at every stage of your case to understand what your desired outcome is, how a conviction could impact your life and we will do all we can to get you the outcome that keeps your life on track. We understand that all cases are different and every individual has unique circumstances and challenges so we act as a true legal partner until your case is closed.

Here is a typical process and a guide of what your solicitor will do for you:

  • They will explain what can happen with your case, both now and as it progresses
  • They will be by your side at the police station to protect your rights
  • They will evaluate the evidence against you and advise whether it is likely to lead to a conviction
  • Advise you as required prior to any police interviews and protect your rights during any such interviews
  • If the case then proceeds to court they will discuss your case with you, answer any questions you have and prepare your case for court
  • Interview witnesses and any experts that could help your case
  • Represent you in court and advise you throughout the process

Being accused of a crime can be a traumatic experience, having a proven criminal law expert supporting you at all times can make the process easier to come to terms with. We pride ourselves on getting you the best outcome whilst protecting your interests with passion from beginning to end.

Should you need any advice or representation from our criminal team please contact our director and criminal litigation professional, David Lawson, on 01282 433 241.