What is a postal requisition?

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A postal requisition is effectively a summons received by post, which requires a person to attend court at a given date and time in order to answer a charge, or a number of charges.

Postal requisitions most often follow when someone has been interviewed at a police station on a voluntary basis, although they can occasionally be issued as a result of arrest, detainment, interview and an RUI release.


What should I do if I receive a postal requisition?

A postal requisition is essentially the same as a charge – the only difference being that it is delivered by post instead of verbally by an officer – and it should be treated as such.

Should you be in receipt of a postal requisition, you should contact a solicitor straight away.

The solicitors at DRN will be able to provide you with some initial advice and guidance in your situation. We will also be able to advise on whether or not you may be eligible for Legal Aid, and what this involves.


Why choose DRN for representation?

DRN Solicitors operate throughout the northwest and beyond, and have several years of experience in providing expert legal representation for all types of offences, including (but not limited to) road traffic offences, as well as more serious crimes, such as assault and GBH, fraud, theft, manslaughter, murder and sex offences.


Contact DRN today for advice on the next steps to take following the receipt of a postal requisition. With offices based in Burnley, Colne and Ramsbottom, you can rely on our specialist team of professionals to provide the very best representation for your case.