UK Moves to Allow for No-Fault Divorce

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Proposed legislation to remove fault from either partner when a couple seeks to divorce has been passed through the House of Commons, but it isn’t likely to come into effect until Autumn 2021.

The Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Bill was passed by parliament members in the House of Commons back in June this year and will be presented in the House of Lords for amendments to be considered. However, Lord Chancellor Robert Buckland has warned that the bill’s reforms will not come into force on Royal assent because “time needs to be allowed for careful implementation.”

The news is welcomed by family lawyers across the UK, the majority of whom agree with a statement made by the Law Society that ‘no-fault’ divorce will bring divorce law into the 21st century, allowing for couples to seek to separate on mutual terms without casting blame solely onto one party, and therefore providing a more civilised and dignified divorce process.


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