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  1. When is the Best Time to Sell my House?

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    When is the best time to put my house up for sale?

    When you get the itch to move, whether it be to upsize or downsize, it can be difficult not to let impatience get the better of you. However, putting your house on the market as soon as you’ve made the decision to move may not be the best idea.

    Some seasons will see houses sell in less time, and for more money, than in others. The best time to list your house is when there is the highest number of buyers actively looking to buy, as competition in the market increases the likeliness of you not only selling quickly, but also achieving your asking price.


    Is summer a good time to sell my house?

    Whilst the lure of completing a move in the sunshine and having good weather to get the DIY done may be tempting, putting your house up for sale in summer may not necessarily have the best results.

    The garden will be in full bloom and the natural lighting will be brilliant, so there shouldn’t be much to worry about when it comes to prepping for viewings. The key thing to consider when selling in summer is that many people, particularly families, will find themselves prioritising other things and won’t necessarily be actively looking to buy.

    Summer is the time when most people will book their holiday, and the children will all be off school, leaving parents too busy entertaining the kids to think about house hunting.


    Is autumn the best season to put my house on the market?

    Putting your house up for sale in autumn can have its benefits, however you will also need to be prepared to make some compromises, particularly if you’re looking for a quick sale.

    In autumn, the weather is generally fair and the natural daylight is still good, so your property can still look great. In addition, whilst the garden might not be in full bloom, autumn colours can be just as attractive – you might just like to do a quick sweep of the outdoor areas to clear them of any fallen leaves prior to a viewing.

    There are no major holidays to contend with in the autumn months, so it’s a great time to sell from that perspective. However, as we move into the later part of the season you will find that the property market begins to quieten down, as many will decide to settle in for winter and wait for the new year to arrive before they start to look into moving again. If you do manage to sell in autumn, you will need to be prepared to execute a quick move, as you won’t want to get caught out by the varied (generally bad) weather and long nights of winter!


    Is winter the best time to sell my house?

    Selling your house in winter can be particularly difficult, as you will find that there are fewer people actively looking to buy, so your house may be on the market longer than it would be if you had decided to sell earlier in the year. The length of time your house has been up for sale will also have a negative effect on buyers – the longer it’s on the market for, the more people will start to question what could be wrong with it and why it hasn’t been snapped up already.

    Most people will also have different priorities during the winter months, and even if they are considering to move, they are more likely to hunker down for the winter and start their search properly after the festive season is out of the way. Christmas can be a hectic time, with family and friends paying visits, a busy social calendar, and all the preparations that go into the big day – few people will want to factor a house move into the equation as well!


    Is spring a good time to sell?

    Spring is probably the best time to sell your house. In spring, the garden will be in bloom, the natural lighting is fantastic, the days are getting longer and it’s the season of new beginnings. Many families will start to look at what’s out there on the property market in spring, as a sale in spring will most likely lead to a house move which lines up with the end of the school term.

    Selling your house in spring will allow you to be settled in time for the summer months, when the school holidays start and we’re treated to barbeque weather, late nights and garden parties! You’ll also find that the housing market “booms” in spring – with more people buying and more people selling, the competition can produce positive effects on the price you receive for your house and the length of time it takes to sell.


    Making the decision to buy or sell a house can be tricky, as it is a huge move for most people. With so much to plan for and such large sums of money involved, it can also be quite stressful.

    At DRN, we aim to make the process of buying or selling your home as quick, simple and hassle-free as possible.

    Find out more about our property buying and selling services here, or call us today for more information on 01282 433 241 (Burnley) or 01282 864500 (Colne).