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  1. Emergency Breaking For Drowsy Drivers, Just One of The New Safety Features.

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    Within 3 years, cars sold in Europe will have automatic emergency braking and technology that spots when drivers are drowsy or speeding.  

    It will be one of 15 new safety features fitted as standard to cars, HGVs or buses. Other measures include technology that detects when drivers are losing concentration or falling asleep. 

    David Lawson head of DRN’s Road Traffic team said: “the UK Government has already said that vehicle standards will be aligned with those in Europe, meaning the same will apply on British roads, irrespective of Brexit.” 

    The potential impact is significant and it could drastically reduce the number of offenders coming before the courts in relation to speeding, careless driving and dangerous driving amongst others.

    There are significant numbers of people at the moment who are facing the loss of their licence through offences that may in the future be avoidable.

    At present, anyone who accumulates 12 or more points must be disqualified unless they can show it would cause exceptional hardship.

    Anyone facing the loss of their licence should contact our expert road traffic team on 01282 433241, where we will do our utmost to help you keep your license.