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  1. Spike In Divorce Applications This Festive Period

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    Thousands of unhappy couples throughout the UK made positive steps towards finalising a divorce or formal separation over the festive period by using the government’s online service.

    Since its introduction, the online divorce application service on gov.uk has been used to file more than 23,000 applications for divorce – with thirteen being made on Christmas Day!

    The festive period is a peak time for divorce applications for a number of reasons. The stress of providing a joyful Christmas for loved ones when you’re unhappy or feeling under pressure can force tensions to the surface. For many, the end of the year acts as a benchmark, and reaching the 25th December can mean plans to divorce that had been shelved are finally put into place. The new year can be a busy time for divorce lawyers too – separating is a new year’s resolution for many unhappy couples.

    Splitting up amicably is, of course, the ideal outcome for any couple. There is never an ideal time to apply for divorce, but on the positive side, the sooner the wheels are now in motion the better. You can then begin to plan for a clean break to begin a new chapter of your life.

    Thinking positively about divorce

    Once you have decided between yourselves that a separation and/or divorce is necessary, you have made the biggest step. From now on, our team of family solicitors and divorce lawyers can support and guide you through the process from start to finish, enabling you to make decisions that are financially sound and keep the security of your family as a priority.

    Staying together for the sake of the children is often cited as the biggest mistake our divorcing clients made in the years preceding their divorce. The truth is, if you are unhappy in your marriage for any reason, staying together reduces your quality of life and upsets the balance and happiness of your family.

    The positives of divorce might seem well-hidden, but it can be the best decision with the best outcomes for you, your estranged partner and your family. As well as relieving the stress that may have built up over time thinking about your relationship problems, an amicable divorce offers you the opportunity to remain on good terms, rather than having your relationship deteriorate further by struggling through a loveless marriage. A divorce will set out clearly how your joint finances will be split, leaving no room for contention. It will also take into account your children, and enable you to make solid plans so that both of you can see them fairly – something that can be made difficult in an unofficial arrangement.

    If you feel you are stuck in a loveless marriage or both feel you aren’t happy in your current situation, get in touch with DRN’s expert sympathetic and understanding solicitors today. We speak to people every day about divorce proceedings; if you are thinking about it yourself then you aren’t alone and we can help.