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  1. DRN Successfully Assists HGV Driver To Prevent Disqualification

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    DRN Solicitors advise a number of clients in relation to personal and business related road traffic matters. Our lawyers are experienced in preparing and appearing before a variety of tribunals.

    Nick Cassidy for example, has recently assisted a HGV driver successfully argue exceptional hardship to prevent a disqualification from driving as a ‘totter.’ Subsequently, the driving convictions resulted in the driver being called before the traffic commissioner.

    As Mr Cassidy explained, “Traffic commissioners are responsible for licensing and regulating operators of heavy goods vehicles (HGVs), public service vehicles (PSVs) and local bus services. They can also take action against their drivers.

    Mr Cassidy explained, “ I assisted the driver prepare representations to put to the commissioner at a formal hearing to determine whether a further HGV licence should be granted in light of the client’s recent driving convictions. In my view, preparation for these hearings is crucial. We were able to provide details in relation to the offences, his mitigation and provide evidence from a number of contractors in relation to his excellent work record. We were successful and our client did not lose his employment.”

    If you require any assistance contact us at info@drnlaw.co.uk or call our specialist Traffic Commissioner team on  01282 433 241.