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  1. DRN Sponsors Burnley Fan’s Marathon Season of Charity Runs

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    45 year-old Burnley fan and ultra-marathon runner Scott Cunliffe has spent the whole 2018/19 Premier League season running to every away game – and he intends to run from Turf Moor to all 19 Burnley FC away game locations before the end of the season.

    Burnley FC in the Community

    Scott’s RunAway challenge has already raised more than £16,200 for local charity Burnley FC in the Community, and has so far seen him complete 16 runs covering an incredible 2550 miles. His 17th leg is sponsored by DRN, and will take him from Burnley to AFC Bournemouth’s Vitality Stadium.

    To cover the huge distance in time for the game, Scott set off on Thursday March 28th and will run for a total of 10 days, racking up more than 250 miles in total when he arrives on the 6th of April.

    DRN’s Sponsorship

    DRN’s support and sponsorship on this 17th leg of his challenge will cover Scott’s accommodation and food along the route to Bournemouth. This will keep him focused on the road ahead so he can continue raising money for his chosen charities – Burnley FC in the Community and the charitable foundations of the other 19 Premier League clubs he’ll be visiting.


    Donations to support Scott’s chosen charities can be made on The RunAway Challenge Just Giving page:  https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/therunawaychallenge

    Director of DRN David Lawson said:

    “Scott is doing something amazing for a well-loved local charity and we are extremely happy to be able to support him on his journey. Scott and I have known each other since we went to Park Hill school together, and it is brilliant to see how much of his challenge he has achieved (smashed?) so far. Good luck from everyone at DRN!”

    Keep up-to-date with Scott’s progress by following him on social media:

    Facebook: Scott Cunliffe https://www.facebook.com/sekott

    Facebook page: Runaway201819 https://www.facebook.com/Runaway201819

    Twitter: @sekott (http://www.twitter.com/sekott

    Instagram: @sekott (http://www.instagram.com/sekott)

  2. Mobile Phones – Forensic Science Units No Longer Adequate

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    Mobile phones and electronic devices are not only more prevalent in society, but are now crucial to a number of cases coming before the criminal courts.

    Keith Rennison explains “A report by Gillian Tully, the government-appointed regulator, states that police forensic science units no longer have the resources to deliver services to the required standards. There are simply too many cases involving phones and each smart phone can provide, in certain cases, upto 250,000 pages of evidence. At DRN, we are not completely reliant on the police. We can instruct our own independent experts to bypass the finite resources of the police and investigate our own priorities such as text messages, photographs, location, emails etc.”

    Nick Cassidy continues “We have recently conducted two cases at opposite ends of the severity spectrum, where telephone evidence was crucial. The first one, on conviction, could have attracted a sentence of many years. Our client was adamant that his mobile phone had evidence on it, that would not only confirm his account but discredit prosecution witnesses. We obtained funding, had the phone examined and ultimately persuaded the Crown Prosecution Service to discontinue the case.”

    “The second case was a driving matter where the loss of his licence would have rendered our client unemployed. We were able to locate the client’s whereabouts over a five hour period to discount the prosecution version of events. Again the Crown Prosecution Service were happy to consider the further evidence and an alternative plea was offered and accepted.”

    If you need assistance please do not hesitate to contact a member of our criminal team.

  3. How To Make Arrangements For Your Children (Formerly Child Custody Arrangements)

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    Staying together isn’t possible for every family. Even though it’s a difficult situation, sometimes separating is necessary in order for everyone to live happily, sometimes parents have never lived together.

    At DRN, our clients are often separated parents and want to do the right thing by their children, and our family solicitors are trained to give advice on child arrangements that is practical and straightforward. Our guidance comes from years of experience in family law, and our family solicitors work sensitively with separated families and their children to make sure the best possible agreement is reached.

    To agree, whether in person or through a mediator, on the arrangements for your child can seem an impossible task, but we are here to help.

    The Courts and family solicitors now refer to what used to be known as “child custody” as “child arrangements”. These arrangements are a broad description of how your child spends their time with you and the rest of their family.

    What are Child Arrangements?

    The details for where the children live, and if not living with both parents, also setting out the time they spend with the other parent (which is often referred to as contact.)

    Children can enjoy spending time with a parent in person, by telephone, social media, letter or any other method which is reasonable and allows the child and parent to stay in ‘contact’.

    Each child and family will have different needs depending on their own circumstances, including but not limited to the children’s ages, needs, wishes and feelings.

    Contact can take place in different forms and will vary with each family. Contact can be for short periods of time for example during the day, or cover long periods of time over a number of days and possibly weeks. It can take place in a variety of venues. A lot of children do stay overnight with the parent with whom they do not ‘live’ on a regular basis.

    Agreeing child arrangements

    A lot of separated parents are able to reach a mutual agreement about the arrangements for their child and are able to vary the arrangements as the child’s needs change. Other parents cannot for various reasons and do need specialist advice and assistance.

    If you would like help in reaching suitable arrangements for your child, then our family solicitors can help. Our solicitors can advise you on the most appropriate method to try to achieve an outcome.

    This may be by way of one of our solicitors negotiating on your behalf, setting out your position and the reasons why, if an agreement is reached by drafting an agreement setting out the arrangements which are to be put in place.

    Legal aid is available, but only in limited circumstances.


    You may be advised to attempt mediation with a view to resolving any disagreements. Family mediators are trained professionals, who help you discuss any issues, let you both have your say and try to help reach an agreement. Mediation can work, even where the parties initially have very differing views.

    Mediation is not appropriate in situations where there has been any form of domestic abuse.

    The mediator will assess whether the case is suitable for mediation.

    Legal aid is available to assist with the costs of mediation where one or both parties are on a low income.

    Applying to the court

    If solicitor negotiation and mediation are not successful or are unsuitable then an application to court may be necessary. Court applications should only be made when all other options are unsuitable or have failed. Court proceedings can take time and be costly, and you may end up in a situation where the court has made a decision that you do not want.

    The court whether a bench of magistrates or judge will encourage you to reach an agreement, if you cannot agree then the court will determine what if any evidence is required and how the case will proceed. The court will then make a decision about what the arrangements for your child should be to live with and spend time with you and the other parent. In deciding the arrangements, the court will decide what they believe the best interests of your child to be.

    If you would like any advice or assistance on arrangements for your child then please contact one of our family solicitors at DRN on 01282 433241 or enquiries@drnlaw.co.uk 

  4. DRN Signs Up to the Pendleside Hospice Corporate Challenge

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    The Pendleside Corporate Challenge has brought hundreds of local business together in competition since it began, all in the name of raising money for a very worthy cause.

    From Friday 1st June to Sunday 30th September, each company involved in the challenge will take their initial £50 investment (donated by by Charter Walk) and multiply it in any way they can. Being a Corporate Challenge, businesses are encouraged to use their business brains to think of unique ways to increase their money and become overall champions.

    Hundreds of thousands of pounds has been raised for Pendleside Hospice since the annual Corporate Challenge began, and DRN are looking forward to boosting the donations for 2018 with a range of unique money-raising ideas for the whole company to take part in.

    As well as raising money for a deserving charity, the Corporate Challenge also sees local businesses getting involved with regular networking events organised by Pendleside Hospice. So far, the Corporate Challenge pizza and prosecco business lunch was a huge success and more events are planned for the coming months, including a golf day and team networking breakfasts hosted at various locations across Burnley and Pendle. Our team is already excited and enthusiastic to get involved with the huge range of activities on offer!

    In 2017, a total of £97,000 was raised by all companies involved, this is a huge amount that can be used for so much good within Pendleside Hospice. This year, DRN are hoping to give them a run for their money, and our fundraising activities in 2018 will include:

    • A raffle every month, with the grand prize of a whole extra day’s holiday!
    • The Smarties Challenge – every office will fill as many Smarties tunes as they can with 20 pence pieces. One tube can hold £12 – so that’s a lot of potential fundraising.
    • Every office will have a charity shop bundle challenge – every bag filled with clothes to be donated to Pendleside Hospice charity shops counts as £3.50 towards DRN’s final total.
    • A chocolate bouquet raffle in each office. Because who doesn’t love chocolate?
    • The cycle challenge – where the team put their fitness to the test to see how many miles they can do. The more they cycle, the more they raise for Pendleside!

    Here’s to friendly competition and to raising money for worthy causes!

    For more details on the amazing work Pendleside Hospice does within the local community, visit their website.