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  1. How to Claim Compensation for a Bad Holiday

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    Can I claim compensation for a spoiled holiday?

    We all look forward to a holiday, whether it be a summer escape, a weekend break to an unexplored city or a bout of winter sun. Many of us work hard to ensure that we can provide our family with an annual getaway; some of us are even lucky enough to travel abroad more than once a year.

    Whatever your idea of a perfect holiday is, the break is something you’ll not only have worked hard to be able to afford, but it’s also something you’ll look forward to in the preceding months leading up to your trip.

    Everyone deserves to enjoy their ideal getaway, which is why when things go wrong, you should know who you can turn to for legal advice and support.


    Can I claim for being ill on holiday?

    Holiday and travel claims cover all causes relating to accidents, injuries and illnesses suffered abroad. Whether you’ve been involved in a road traffic or sporting accident, been injured in public or private transport such as an airplane or cruise ship, or suffered an illness such as food poisoning, it’s likely that you will be entitled to make a claim.


    At DRN, we provide expert legal advice and can help you to recover compensation for your accident, injury or illness suffered abroad, including:


    • Accidents suffered in transport (on airplanes, ferries, boats and trains, in cars or coaches)
    • Food poisoning
    • Accidents in and around the swimming pool
    • Sporting accidents, including winter sports
    • Accidents suffered in holiday accommodation


    Our dedicated team of specialist solicitors are experienced in cross-border claims and overseas litigation, and will ensure that you receive an excellent level of service throughout the claims process.

    Following a free initial assessment of your case, our team will analyse your circumstances and advise whether you have a claim and, if so, whether we can pursue your case under a ‘no win, no fee’ arrangement.

    Our litigation team has gained many years of experience in dealing with all manner of claims, ranging from property damage and simple accident claims through to serious injury claims, and we have the capacity to represent individuals, families and groups of travellers.


    You can find out more about our holiday claims service here.

    Make an enquiry online or call us on 01282 433241 (Burnley) or 01282 864500 (Colne) for a discussion about how we can help with your travel claim.

  2. Be Careful Out There – Dark Evenings and Cyclists are a Lawsuit Waiting to Happen

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    In the UK, Autumn 2018 saw a 15% increase in road traffic accidents compared to spring and summer, according to a report by a group of well-known accident claim solicitors. How did they know this? Well, we’d say that’s because more road users than ever before are taking to litigation and accident claims to resolve their issues, especially pedestrians and cyclists.

    It can be dangerous out there for road users when the nights are longer and the conditions are more treacherous. Dark evenings mean it’s easier for dog walkers and joggers to be caught out without reflective gear on, and cyclists can be easily missed if their lights are dim or a driver is being blinded by an oncoming car’s full beam headlights.

    There are ways to prevent accidents though. Read on to find out more.

    Tips to stay road-safe this winter

    For drivers

    As a driver, you’ll know that checking your mirrors and being aware of cyclists and other road users is vital, but in the darker mornings and evenings it’s even more important. Make sure your own lights are all fully functional including your fog lights, and that you’re giving plenty of room to other road users. Carry sunglasses in your car too – accidents often happen when the sun is shining  over the road making it hard to see other road users.

    For cyclists

    As a cyclist, make sure that your lights are fully charged or the batteries aren’t running low so that they remain bright and visible. Wear bright, reflective clothing and remember to take the correct position in the road when turning or using a roundabout so that cars, vans and other road users can make room for you.

    For walkers and joggers

    If you’re walking or jogging and using the roads during the darker hours of the morning and evening, be aware that your visibility is extremely reduced to drivers. Their cars may have steamed-up windows, they may have headlights reflecting on their windscreen and they might even just miss you.

    Make yourself more visible with bright clothing and reflective strips on your arms, ankles and shoes. If you’re walking your dog, consider a light-up or glow in the dark collar to keep them safe and visible too. Also remember that in frosty and icy conditions, vehicles need more time to slow down and stop, so bear this in mind when crossing roads in cold weather.

    What to do if you’re in an accident

    If you’re in a road traffic accident as a driver or other road user, you may be eligible for compensation. If you have been injured and someone else is to blame, at DRN we have a team of expert personal injury lawyers who can advise you as to whether you have a claim. We will work closely with you to ensure you get the compensation you deserve.

    This service is absolutely no win, no fee, so that you have complete peace of mind.

    If you’d like to talk to our expert team about our accident and personal injury claim services, call our Burnley office today on 01282 433241 or our Colne office directly on 01282 864500.