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  1. DRN Celebrates 30 Years of Will Aid by Waiving Will Fees

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    This November, Will Aid are celebrating 30 years of raising money for some of the world’s most vulnerable people. Once again, the wills and probate team at DRN will be joining in with the charity’s fundraising efforts, asking for donations towards Will Aid in return for our leading will-writing services.

    A charitable donation of £95 is requested for a single will and £150 for mirror wills for  anyone looking to support Will Aid’s excellent cause this year. This represents a 50% cost saving versus the normal price of a basic will.


    What is a basic will?

    A basic will includes details of :

    • Your executors – the persons who will be responsible for carrying out your directions
    • The appointment of guardians for any minor children or dependents
    • Your beneficiaries – whether there are individuals, organisations, or charities and in what way they will benefit. You can choose Will Aid as a beneficiary if you wish.

    Every single penny of every donation made to us during the campaign will go towards Will Aid and the sterling work they do.


    Who are Will Aid?

    Will Aid is a special partnership between the legal profession and nine of the UK’s best-loved charities. This means we’ll be alongside some of the UK’s top solicitors and legal firms, raising money together for partner charities such as Action Aid, Age UK, Save The Children and the NSPCC. Together with Will Aid, we’ll raise vital funds for these wonderful causes, while ensuring that anyone can gain the reassurance of knowing they have a professionally written will.

    Of course, another benefit of Will Aid’s nationwide campaign is the visibility and awareness the charity gives to wills, helping the public to understand how important having an up-to-date will really is.

    Find out more here: www.willaid.org.uk


    Director of DRN David Lawson said:

    “Our whole team is looking forward to helping Will Aid and its admirable partner charities with our specialist will writing skills. Being able to provide beneficial services while raising money for excellent charities based both overseas and at home in the UK is why we continue to support Will Aid and we hope that this year sees us beat our previous years’ donation targets.”

    Team up with DRN and Will Aid today by calling us on 01282 433 241 for Burnley and 01282 864 500 for Colne, to arrange your appointment, and take advantage of this opportunity before the end of the November.

  2. DRN Signs Up to the Pendleside Hospice Corporate Challenge

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    The Pendleside Corporate Challenge has brought hundreds of local business together in competition since it began, all in the name of raising money for a very worthy cause.

    From Friday 1st June to Sunday 30th September, each company involved in the challenge will take their initial £50 investment (donated by by Charter Walk) and multiply it in any way they can. Being a Corporate Challenge, businesses are encouraged to use their business brains to think of unique ways to increase their money and become overall champions.

    Hundreds of thousands of pounds has been raised for Pendleside Hospice since the annual Corporate Challenge began, and DRN are looking forward to boosting the donations for 2018 with a range of unique money-raising ideas for the whole company to take part in.

    As well as raising money for a deserving charity, the Corporate Challenge also sees local businesses getting involved with regular networking events organised by Pendleside Hospice. So far, the Corporate Challenge pizza and prosecco business lunch was a huge success and more events are planned for the coming months, including a golf day and team networking breakfasts hosted at various locations across Burnley and Pendle. Our team is already excited and enthusiastic to get involved with the huge range of activities on offer!

    In 2017, a total of £97,000 was raised by all companies involved, this is a huge amount that can be used for so much good within Pendleside Hospice. This year, DRN are hoping to give them a run for their money, and our fundraising activities in 2018 will include:

    • A raffle every month, with the grand prize of a whole extra day’s holiday!
    • The Smarties Challenge – every office will fill as many Smarties tunes as they can with 20 pence pieces. One tube can hold £12 – so that’s a lot of potential fundraising.
    • Every office will have a charity shop bundle challenge – every bag filled with clothes to be donated to Pendleside Hospice charity shops counts as £3.50 towards DRN’s final total.
    • A chocolate bouquet raffle in each office. Because who doesn’t love chocolate?
    • The cycle challenge – where the team put their fitness to the test to see how many miles they can do. The more they cycle, the more they raise for Pendleside!

    Here’s to friendly competition and to raising money for worthy causes!

    For more details on the amazing work Pendleside Hospice does within the local community, visit their website.