Stay Safe on the Roads this Christmas

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Christmas is a time of joy, gratitude and generosity, and to make sure that you enjoy the festive period to the full, it is important to remember the dangers related to over-indulgence at this time of year.

We are reminded every year by hard-hitting TV campaigns that lives can be destroyed if you get behind the wheel after too much festive fun, and we have seen lives change forever for those who haven’t heeded the advice.

Not only should we not drive immediately after drinking alcohol, it should also be avoided the next day, as it isn’t always possible to tell if you are fit to drive, and within the legal limits.

The police will be out in force again this year, not just in the evenings but in the mornings too; looking to stop those behind the wheel after too many mulled wines the night before. Drink drivers who otherwise may be law-abiding citizens; we can all make mistakes, however, this is a mistake that can come at the highest possible price – someone’s life.

All of us at DRN would like to affirm the widespread message, and underline the importance of not getting behind the wheel if you’ve had anything to drink at all. It just isn’t worth it. You could destroy the lives of innocent people, and your own future.

It is that time of year when roads are busier than normal with Christmas shoppers and fun-seeking families, and it is the time of year where extra vigilance is common-place. The police will be taking additional measures to ensure the safety of the public throughout the festive period, and there is simply no tolerance of those putting others in danger because they aren’t willing to leave the car at home, or in the office car park.

Think about your future, think of your loved ones, think of all those great families that are out there just trying to enjoy their Christmas. The cost of a taxi is much less than what your future is worth, or the life of an innocent person going about the festivities.

Be part of the fun in a sensible way, rather than the cause of irreparable damage. Stay safe, and protect others too. Wake up in the morning with another day of festive fun to look forward to, rather than a lifetime of regret.

We hope you have an amazing Christmas, go out and enjoy the great times, we certainly will be! Just remember, safety first. Your future is just too valuable to jeopardise.

If you do find yourself in a difficult legal position over the festive period, we are available as always on 01282 433 241. Call us immediately if you are in any trouble, it is critical that you get professional legal advice from the beginning.