Speeding Offences are on the Rise

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Almost one million motorists were caught speeding last year, amid warnings of a surge in the number of digital speed cameras being deployed on the road network, according to the times 9-12-16.

Apparently speeding offences have risen by more than 130,000 (16 percent) in the past two years.

The total number of drivers given fixed penalties, found guilty at court, reached a five year high last year, despite Government promises to curb the ‘war on motorists’.

The AA estimates that there are now 7,000 installed motorways and built up roads.

Anyone facing a speeding offence should be aware that 12 or more penalty points leads to a ban under the penalty points procedure. A ban can only be avoided if the court is persuaded that exceptional hardship would follow.

David Lawson of DRN’s motoring department said, “Anyone facing the prospect of disqualification should take legal advice. There are complicated arguments that need to be put forward. Anyone who assumes that the courts will allow somebody to keep their licence because they might lose their employment is wrong. Indeed, the courts look at a number of factors. We have a proven track record of helping people keep their licences throughout the country. Anybody needing help should call without delay…”

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