Property disputes

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    Property disputes often arise between property owners and builders, usually in relation to work that has been carried out or finished in a way that was not expected. In our experience, many disputes relating to such matters could have been avoided if, at the outset, the clear intentions of parties were set out in writing, thus avoiding subsequent disputes and the resulting upsetting and unnecessary Court proceedings.

    By involving us at the start, we can assist in drafting a Contract clearly setting out what is expected of the parties in relation to building or construction matters.

    Where property disputes do arise, there is a protocol that must be followed in relation to matters of professional negligence involving architects, engineers and surveyors; a pre-action protocol which if not followed, can have significant cost consequences.

    We can advise on each of the protocol stages, either on an hourly or fixed fee basis.

    We know that disputes of this kind are emotionally draining, but by contacting our dedicated team at the outset, we can help you to avoid a building or construction dispute.

    Where a dispute does arise, we can help you try to achieve a favourable outcome without the need of issuing Court proceedings. But where Court proceedings cannot be avoided or are commenced against you, we can assist in advising you towards achieving a successful result.