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    The laws governing the rights and obligations of landlords and tenants are complex and wide-reaching. If you are experiencing difficulties with your landlord or tenant, then it is not always easy to know how best to deal with it.

    To act without advice could leave you open to a claim, which could ultimately result in costly court action being taken against you. It is therefore essential that you seek advice from a qualified solicitor as soon as possible if you have any tenancy concerns.

    Led by experienced litigator Matthew Finley, our Landlord and Tenant department will provide you with clear, authoritative and practical advice, helping you to resolve any legal issues and helping you to achieve your desired outcome.

    An early assessment of your case will give you a realistic view of your chances of success, and we will discuss with you all possible options, whether that be amicable negotiations, or immediate legal proceedings. We also offer fixed fee options and flexible payment options for most forms of proceedings, giving you full control over how much you pay.

    We offer a comprehensive service for both private and commercial landlords and tenants. As well as drafting bespoke Tenancy Agreements, we offer expert legal advice and representation on all aspects of tenancy related issues, including:

    • Possession Proceedings
    • Breaches of the Tenancy Agreement
    • How to force a landlord to comply with the Tenancy Agreement
    • How to bring a fixed term tenancy to an end
    • Eviction
    • Problem tenants
    • Problem landlords
    • Terminating a tenancy
    • The consequences of one or more people leaving the property when the tenancy is in joint or several names
    • The Tenancy Deposit Scheme
    • Unpaid rent arrears
    • Unlawful eviction
    • Removing trespassers/squatters

    We have three stages of costs, all of which are fixed. Our fixed costs include all Court fees. There are no hidden costs, what you see is what you pay.

    Stage 1

    Serving notice on Tenant
    A Section 8 and /or Section 21 Notice is served upon the Tenant. This is the first step required and in some cases the only step required to ensure that the Tenant vacates the property. If you have joint tenants we will serve Notice on both of them at no extra cost. This stage includes two served Notices.

    £100.00 plus VAT

    In addition you will be required to pay the disbursements that we incur in respect of Office Copy Entries (in the region of £3.00 to £6.00) and a Process Server Fee of £85.00, to serve the notice upon the tenant personally, or via the letterbox of the property.

    Stage 2

    Preparation of Court documents and attending at hearing
    If the Tenant does not leave following the service of the Notice, it will be necessary to issue Court proceedings against the Tenant. We will prepare all of the Court documentation on your behalf and a member of our team will attend Court to obtain a Possession Order.

    Section 8 – £850.00 plus VAT
    Section 21 (accelerated procedure, no court hearing) – £730.00 plus VAT
    Section 21 (standard procedure, court hearing) – £850.00 plus VAT

    Please note that should the tenant raise a defence and/or if the claim is adjourned at the Possession Hearing, and you require us to continue to act on your behalf, we would then charge for any further work on a time spent basis, the hourly rates applicable range between £126.00 to £255.00 plus VAT, depending on the level of Fee Earner dealing with the matter.

    Stage 3

    Instructing a Bailiff
    If the Tenant does not leave after a Possession Order has been ordered, a member of our team will instruct the Court Bailiff to remove the Tenant on your behalf.

    £240.00 plus VAT

    If you would like more information on our landlord and tenant services, please contact one of our experienced team members, who are available to talk you through all of our legal services.

    Call our Burnley office on 01282 433241 or our Colne office on 01282 864500. Alternatively, you can send us an on-line enquiry and one of our team will be in touch shortly.