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Whether you are experiencing matrimonial problems or are being denied access to your children, family breakdowns can be extremely distressing. When our clients first come to see us, they are often experiencing the very lowest point of their lives.

If you are facing family or matrimonial difficulties, our dedicated solicitors will help you get your life back on track. When you feel that your life has been turned upside down, we can help you to take control with expert, straight-forward and practical advice.

All our family solicitors are fully qualified with many years’ experience and will be sympathetic, patient and professional throughout your case.


We are accredited with the Solicitors Quality Mark for family, which means that we are recognised for providing high standards of specialist advice and client care in family matters.

We are authorised by the Legal Aid Agency to provide family advice to those eligible to receive public funding. So, if you are eligible for legal aid, then we will assess you immediately and complete any necessary forms with you.

If you are not eligible to receive legal aid, we offer very competitive rates and fixed fee packages to give you the flexibility to pay for only the services you want, at a fixed price or an agreed top end limit.

Flexible payment options

With so many other more important things on your mind, the last thing you need to be worrying about is your legal costs. That’s why we also offer flexible payment options, which allow you to spread the costs of our services in to more manageable weekly or monthly payments.
  • Adoption
  • Child Abduction
  • Cohabitation
  • Care proceedings
    (where the local authority has taken children into care/ working with families)
  • Financial Disputes
  • Injunctions
  • Paternity Testing/Parental Responsibility
  • Residence Nuptial Agreements
  • Change of name
  • Civil partnerships
  • Contact with children
  • Divorce and relationship breakdown
  • Domestic Violence
  • Grandparent contact
  • Mediation
  • Separation Agreements, Pre Nuptial/Post

What is a fixed fee?

We recognise that family disputes are difficult to deal with, without the additional worry of how much the legal fees will cost. At DR&N we aim to provide transparency with our services and fees; and have a range of fixed fee packages available for all of our clients.
£ VAT Court Fees Total
An initial consultation and Case Assessment 100.00 20.00 nil 120.00
One to one consultation with a qualified Solicitor, where we will discuss your circumstances and explain relevant issues. You will be provided with written confirmation of instructions given and legal advice provided together with any relevant costs implication.


£ VAT Court Fees Total
Undefended Divorce/Dissolution of Civil Partnership (Petitioner) 500.00 100.00 550.00 1150.00
(Includes first half hour face to face appointment with Solicitor, completing Divorce Petition, issuing Petition, obtaining Decree Nisi and Decree Absolute. Does not include any additional applications to deem service, trace, and translation of Marriage Certificate or advertise service of Petition).
Undefended Divorce/Dissolution of Civil Partnership (Respondent) 300.00 60.00 nil 360.00
(Includes initial half hour consultation with Solicitor, assistance with completing Acknowledgement of Service and filing with Court. Advice in relation to divorce proceedings).
Divorce - Initial attendance and advice/provision of documents 150.00 30.00 nil 180.00
(Includes initial half hour consultation with solicitor, provision divorce forms to client. Does not include any children or financial advice).
Preparing Petition for Divorce – Adultery 150.00 30.00 nil 180.00
Preparing Petition/Dissolution of Civil Partnership on Unreasonable behaviour 200.00 40.00 nil 240.00
Preparing Petition/Dissolution of Civil Partnership on Desertion 150.00 30.00 nil 180.00
Preparing Petition/Dissolution of Civil Partnership on 2 or 5 years’ Separation 150.00 30.00 nil 180.00
Checking Divorce Petition/Dissolution of Civil Partnership Petition 100.00 20.00 nil 120.00
Completing Acknowledgement of Service 120.00 24.00 nil 144.00
Checking Acknowledgement of Service 100.00 20.00 nil 120.00

Financial and Property Disputes

£ VAT Court Fees Total
Initial appointment and drafting Consent Order no assets. Prices From 300.00 60.00 50.00 410.00
Initial appointment and drafting Consent Order agreed division of assets. Prices From 500.00 100.00 50.00 650.00
Initial appointment and drafting Separation Agreement. Prices From 500.00 100.00 nil 600.00

Children Disputes

£ VAT Court Fees Total
Drafting Parental Responsibility Agreement 200.00 40.00 nil 240.00
Liaising with relevant parties for completion of the Agreement and submission of the Parental Responsibility Agreement to the Principal Registry
Initial consultation and letter to other parent 125.00 25.00 nil 150.00
Initial consultation and referral to mediation Mediation fees not included 125.00 25.00 nil 150.00
Initial consultation and provision of Court forms Together with information for lodging forms at court (Applicant) 125.00 25.00 nil 150.00
Initial consultation, completing Application forms Together with information for lodging forms at court (Applicant) 250.00 50.00 nil 300.00
Initial half hour consultation advising in relation to Court Application (Respondent) 150.00 50.00 nil 200.00
Initial attendance, completing forms, issuing application in Court, attendances at first appointment (Applicant) 600.00 120.00 215.00 935.00
Fixed fees for additional hearings can be agreed. Does not include substantive hearings, finding of fact/final hearings. (£350 plus vat for 1½ hours which includes the hearing time and if it goes over that than we will charge £150 per hour at Court)

Non-Molestation Applications/Protection from Harassment

£ VAT Court Fees Total
Initial consultation and warning letter 125.00 25.00 nil 150.00
Initial consultation and preparation of Court documents, including attendance at any urgent hearing 600.00 120.00 nil 720.00
Fixed fees for Court representation at return dates and other hearings to be agreed thereafter.


£ VAT Court Fees Total
Change of Name Deed 100.00 20.00 nil 120.00

Situations often arise which are unforeseen and can involve additional work being incurred. On these occasions, clients will be advised immediately and no further expenses will be incurred until matters have been discussed and further fixed fee arrangements agreed.

The work stipulated in fixed fees does not include disbursements unless expressly stated. Disbursements include but are not exclusive to Court Issue fees, Process Server fees, Oath fees, translation of documents, Experts’ fees, disclosure or tracing fees.

The fixed fees also do not include any correspondence over and above routine correspondence which will be set out at the initial appointment, considering voluminous documents, drafting, advice or advocacy which is requested other than that provided for in the fixed fee levels. Any additional work incurred on this basis will not form part of the fixed fee package and will be subject to a separate invoice.

MAKE AN ENQUIRY If you cannot find a fixed fee which applies to your particular circumstances, then please contact us directly to arrange a consultation to discuss your specific situation.

If you would like more information on our family services, please contact a member of our experienced team, who are available to talk you through all our legal services.

Call our Burnley office on 01282 433241 or our Colne office on 01282 864500. Alternatively, you can send us an on-line enquiry and one of our team will be in touch shortly.