Building Disputes

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    Donald Race & Newton act for builders and / or property owners in a wide variety of matters, and have a long experience of handling building disputes.

    Builders often encounter disputes with clients over the perceived quality of work carried out and, as a consequence, can become involved in disputes in areas such as payments of invoices, with potentially disastrous effects on a company’s cash flow and viability.

    We can advise on the strength of a claim against you or the actions that can be undertaken to recover an outstanding invoice in relation to such disputed work.

    We can also advise on pre-emptive action and steps that can be taken to ensure, wherever possible, that disputes are avoided, along with the costly legal action which they can incur.

    Similarly, we can advise on steps that can be taken to avoid disputes in the future, including establishing properly constructed contracts which set out each party’s intention in relation to the work to be carried out and timescales in which payments are to be made, thus avoiding unnecessary disputes in the future.

    However, in the event of a dispute, our Litigation Team, who specialise in matters of this nature, can advise you of the best ways of seeking a resolution to the dispute, either through negotiation or mediation.

    And if proceedings cannot be avoided in order to resolve the dispute or recover the debt, our specialist team can advise you on a step by step basis how proceedings should be issued and executed.