Actions against Police authorities

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DRN Solicitors specialise in actions against the Police and other authorities.

A claim against the Police can arise in a number of ways, with the most common complaints or causes of action against the Police involving wrongful arrest, false imprisonment and assault.

We operate on a private basis with a no win no fee arrangement and have established a track record of recovering substantial damages for clients who have been wronged through false imprisonment or wrongful arrest, or who have been treated badly by the Police.

Actions are undertaken by Solicitors in our Crime and Civil Litigation Departments who are criminal lawyers well versed in matters relating to criminal procedure and with extensive experience in identifying quickly whether the Police have acted unlawfully. This enables us to consider at an early stage whether there is a viable claim against the Police, in which case, lawyers from our Crime and Civil Department will work together closely with a view to a potential action.

We also recognise that for someone wrongfully arrested, falsely imprisoned or even assaulted by the Police, the experience can be traumatic, and our team of experts will deal with matters in a sympathetic and understanding way.

Our successful claims cover a wide variety of cases including instances where clients have been arrested by the Police when there was not enough evidence to justify an arrest and subsequent detention. Also where clients have been arrested unnecessarily when questioning or interviews could have taken place on a voluntary basis rather than for a client suffer the indignity of being arrested and detained in a police cell.

Other notable cases where DRN have successfully claimed aggravated damages involve instances where it has been acknowledged that the Police have badly treated or assaulted a client.

There is also a duty on the Police to ensure someone is not detained for longer than is necessary and claims can be submitted where a client’s detention has not been properly reviewed.

Our claims against the Police services can also be used to bring actions against other authorities, for example Her Majesty’s Prison Service, as a consequence of injury or other act or omission.

As a general rule, clients who have been falsely imprisoned or wrongfully arrested or detained are entitled to compensation on a sliding scale, with a significant amount of damages paid for the longer someone is detained unnecessarily.

If you feel you have been the victim of an injustice, been wrongfully arrested, falsely imprisoned or indeed subject to unlawful action by the Police or any other authority, then please in the first instance contact us for a private and confidential discussion.



Local Authorities have a duty of care to children or persons who have been in the care of the Local Authority.

A claim for negligence can be actioned as a consequence of a Local Authority failing to adequately care for a young or vulnerable person; for example, in instances where the Authority has known about vulnerability issues and ignored concerns about the welfare of that person, resulting in the potential failure in the Authority’s duty of care.

We aim to deal with any claim in a caring and sympathetic manner, with a Solicitor specialising in this area available to be contacted by email or via telephone for a confidential discussion about the claim and how it can be processed.

Claims can be conducted in a variety of ways including on a “no win no fee” basis, and in some instances, claims for Criminal Injuries Compensation can also be processed.

We will undertake an initial assessment of your case during a free half hour consultation and, if approved, the case will be conducted on a “no win no fee” basis.

It is essential to seek advice from a Solicitor in relation to claims of this nature. There are procedures to follow and there are limitation periods to follow, both in respect of claims against Local Authorities and Criminal Injuries Compensation Claims dependent upon the age and when the acts or omissions took place.