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    From historic abuse claims to recent occurrences, if you feel you need to explore your options, you’ll need an experienced and empathetic ear.

    Abuse claims are one of the most sensitive areas legal professionals can operate in, with a clear need to balance pursuit of justice with client wellbeing.

    Our abuse claim solicitors are highly proficient in pursuing the recompense you are due, without ever compromising your safety or protection.

    We will prioritise client’s emotional wellbeing, discretion and confidentiality.

    • Football Abuse Claims

      In the news recently for all the wrong reasons, football abuse claims dating back several years are being brought at all levels of the game.

    • Military

      Traditionally viewed as ‘closed books’ many armed service organisations are now facing military abuse claims.

    • Schools

      Abuse claims in schools are often pursued by people who have long since left and reached adulthood without fully addressing historic events.

    • Social Services

      Abuse claims involving the operations of social services and local authorities are notoriously complex and require specialist help.

    • Hospitals

      Although safeguarding and incident reporting in healthcare institutions has improved in recent years, many historic hospital abuse claims remain.

    • Religious Institutions

      Many attempts to cover up historical abuse claims in religious institutions have been dismissed with compensation being sought by many.

    • Scouts

      With thousands of boy and girls attending throughout the UK, scouting associations have faced some accusations from former members.

    Whichever area your abuse claim may relate to, be sure to explore your available options and don’t simply focus on potential financial recompense.

    While we care that you receive as much as you can secure by law, we will always prioritise other considerations alongside this, including:

    • Client emotional wellbeing
    • Discretion and confidentiality
    • Protection of other innocent third parties

    If you’d like to talk about any of the above topics in more detail or discuss your options, contact us to talk to one of our discreet abuse claim solicitors.


    If you would like more information on our abuse services, please contact one of our experienced team members, who are available to talk you through all our legal services.

    Call our Burnley office on 01282 433241 or our Colne office on 01282 864500. Alternatively, you can send us an on-line enquiry and one of our team will be in touch shortly.