Providing Expert Criminal Defence – DRN’s Recent Success

Nick Cassidy – Criminal Defence Case - Success Story

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Our experienced criminal defence solicitor, Nick Cassidy, working together with Philip Holden of Lincoln House Chambers, has successfully defended a client in relation to an alleged joint enterprise to steal motor vehicles across the UK. 

The case was said to involve the sourcing, theft, and then transportation of motor vehicles across the country. 

Following negotiations with the Crown Prosecution Service, it was accepted that identification was a real issue, and ultimately no evidence was offered before trial. 

DRN Director, David Lawson, stated: “Identification is an issue in every case. The Crown Prosecution Service will consider submissions on the weakness of a case and it is therefore vital you have a proactive defence. 

“Myself, Nick, and the rest of the team are experienced in evaluating a case and making the necessary representations on your behalf.” 

Robust criminal defence for clients across Lancashire 

With several years of experience in building a strong defence for a range of criminal cases in Magistrates’ and Crown Court trials, our team of highly dedicated and experienced solicitors are committed to providing the best possible legal support and representation. 

For more information on our criminal defence services, please contact our offices on 01282 433241.