New office taps into local knowledge and business network

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Our Ramsbottom premises will incorporate the knowhow of a local entrepreneur and key member of the commercial community.

Gareth Seddon, ex professional footballer and owner of the Mouse Trap bar and kitchen, will act as a point-of-contact for new and existing DRN clients.

His profile as an active member of the region’s thriving business scene will aid promotion of our commercial and conveyancing services to new customers.

In addition, the Mouse Trap’s statue as an establishment where professional and social networking overlaps means Gareth’s face is as trusted as his reputation.

From football to solicitor office via bar and cheese shop ownership may seem an unconventional route but in fact his experience puts him in the perfect position.

Commenting on his involvement with DRN, Gareth said:

‘I already run a sports management company and have had associations with DRN previously through that business.

‘My own experience as a sportsman means I’m well-placed to help young people starting out in what can be a very rewarding but very short career.

‘When you’re a teenager, things like conveyancing and solicitors are probably the last thing on your mind.

‘By putting people in contact with a trusted firm like DRN, I can remove some of the confusion and uncertainty for when they do decide to look at such things.’

Friendly and familiar

The advantages of his association with reputable legal services led to the decision for Gareth to extend his remit at the new Rammy offices.

With many established and startup businesses in the area, plus professionals requiring personal legal services, the location was an obvious choice.

Securing Gareth’s services as a focal point was a similarly sensible decision, with potential benefits explained by him:

‘We do get a lot of local professionals in our place – we’ve become a bit of a networking hub for Ramsbottom as well as a social one.

‘I do like to get involved, help people where I can – even if it’s just introducing people or recommending someone’s products and services to somebody else.

‘Basing myself at the new DRN offices is a kind of extension of that I suppose – if someone walks in wanting legal advice, a familiar face is always reassuring.

‘Of course there’ll always be a solicitor or some legal professional presence on site but any way I can help with directing enquiries initially, I will.’

To arrange an appointment at our new Ramsbottom office, or any other DRN location, contact us to talk to a member of our helpful team.