Modern Slavery

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From the end of March, big companies – those with an annual turnover of £36 million or more – have been required to file information on modern slavery. They’ll have to publish an annual statement that sets out what they’ve done in their last financial year to make sure that slavery and human trafficking isn’t happening (a) in any part of their business, and (b) in their supply chains.

It’s this second category that could affect smaller businesses. If you’re not in the £36m category, you could still be a player in those businesses’ supply chains – or, indeed, in their suppliers’ supply chains. You should keep information about what you’re doing to make sure that slavery and trafficking isn’t happening in your organisation. Those you supply will need this in order to comply with their legal obligations to provide modern slavery statements. And they’ll probably thank you for being on the ball.

Some employers will see this as a formality, but it’s something that needs to be taken very seriously. And remember that it’s not just the slavery issue itself that you’ll need to think about. You’ll be handling and passing on information – data – and so will need to make sure you are Data Protection Act compliant. Take time now to put some plans and systems in place and get to grips with exactly what the new rules will mean for you.