Microchipping in dogs is to become a legal requirement

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DRN Solicitors have a number of solicitors that love their dogs. David Lawson, Director can often be found chasing his beloved Archie over Pendle Hill at the weekends. However on a serious note, it is important that people are aware that simply owning UK’s favourite pet without a microchip is soon to be an offence. The Microchipping of Dogs (England) Regulations 2015 require that, from April 2016, all keepers of dogs in England must have their dog microchipped with their and their dog’s details recorded on a reunification database. The Regulations set standards for the microchips and databases that will need to be used in order to be compliant with the Regulations. If you commit an offence you can be brought before the magistrates court and punished with a fine. Contact your vet in plenty of time and if you have any queries in relation to the new regulations do not hesitate to contact one of the criminal team.