Managing Your Will Online

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Whilst the prospect of writing your Will can be a daunting task to face, having a Will in place is the only way to guarantee that your wishes are fulfilled, your loved ones are protected, and your assets are secured with those who matter most in the event of your passing.

The recent pandemic has seen more services than ever before made available online, and managing your Will is no exception.

We recognise that putting a Will together is a time-consuming task which needs to be handled sensitively, requiring a great degree of consideration and preparation, and we want you to feel as comfortable as possible throughout the process. That’s why we’ve now made it possible for you to conveniently manage your Will online.

You can fill out your details and wishes as and when you’re feeling up to the task using our easy-to-follow online form, save your progress and return to complete the rest at a later time, making the task easier to manage and much less daunting.


Why should I write a Will?

Whilst it’s widely believed that merely expressing your wishes to a trusted member of your family or a close friend is enough to see them fulfilled upon your death, unfortunately this is a common misconception.


Having a written Will in place is the only way to see your assets and loved ones protected when you’re gone.


Why should I work with a solicitor when compiling my Will?  

The process of writing a Will can be complex, particularly if your financial affairs need to be ironed out, or if additional circumstances need to be considered, such as if you have been divorced, if you have any children (from a current relationship or a previous one), or if you will need to involve the details of any trusts you are associated with.

With the possibility for complexities to arise at any stage of the process, it’s important that you receive the support that you need to get your Will drafted with as little stress as possible. At DRN, we offer a comprehensive service and can provide practical, reliable and well-informed legal advice on:

  • Wills
  • Estate planning
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Residential care
  • Administering an estate (probate)


We offer our services at competitive rates, starting at £175 +VAT. Fill out our online Will application form to provide us with more detail relating to your specific circumstances, and our team will be able to generate a more accurate breakdown of cost.