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Hundreds of Arrests Made in the EncroChat Hack Investigation

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With recent developments in the EncroChat hack, telephone evidence is set to be tested once again in the Criminal Courts. A Europe-wide operation has already seen over 700 arrests in the UK. 


What is EncroChat?

French law enforcement officers were able to hack into the ‘worry-free, secure communications’ system, EncroChat, which is believed by prosecutors to have a facilitated a ‘criminal marketplace‘. It is alleged that EncroChat allowed co-conspirators the means to communicate directly with adapted Android phones, before deleting data once a message had been read or an emergency passcode was inputted.


Telephone evidence can be a crucial part of a prosecution case. At DRN we test such evidence and regularly consider the admissibility of such evidence. David Lawson at DRN Solicitors explains: “It is important that a client does not automatically agree that such evidence should be put before a jury. The Police and Criminal Evidence Act and the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2002 are important pieces of legislation that we consider, along with how such evidence has been obtained, and whether the investigators have acted lawfully.”


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