Going The Extra Mile (and a few more)

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“2016 miles in 2016” Sponsored Walk

Sara Jane our head of Private Client Department has clocked up an amazing 2016 miles in 2016, all on foot, and all in support of the treatment of leprosy in India; that’s a mileage which is equivalent to almost half of the distance between Burnley and the central Indian town of Sanawad where her support is very gratefully received.

Leprosy is an ancient disease, but it is a very real modern day problem in the Central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh and Sara Jane’s effort is committed to supporting the work of Sister Grace of the St Joseph’s Roman Catholic Mission in Sanawad who has dedicated her life to negating the effects of the disease.

The Mission provides reconstructive surgery to rectify the deforming effects of leprosy and supplies correctly fitting shoes to help prevent further damage to the sufferers, providing often life-changing support for a disease which even today can stigmatise its victims.

Sara Jane has witnessed this work at first hand and seen the difference which has been made to the lives of those affected. She has turned her love of sport, particularly walking, into a practical means of supporting Sister Grace and the Mission.

Through taking her own direct action, she is helping to make that difference by providing welcome support for this worthwhile project.

With £435 raised so far, every penny donated in support of Sara Jane’s superb achievement goes directly to the Mission to help relieve the suffering of a debilitating disease. If you want to add to the total, you can do so by making a cheque payable to St Josephs Leprosy Centre and posting to Sara at DRN, 5 / 7 Hargreaves Street, Burnley, Lancashire, BB11 1EA

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