Football Banning Orders

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The recent case of The Commissioner of Police for the Metropolis v Thorpe emphasises that wherever the court is considering making a Football Banning order, that there is no power to limit the order to certain games.

In this case the police appealed by way of case stated a limited order that had been made by the magistrates preventing Mr Thorpe from attending matches between Fulham, Brentford and Chelsea. In particular the court was asked to consider whether the magistrates had the power to make a limited order in those terms,rather than an order preventing Mr Thorpe from attending any regulated football match. The court decided that there was no such power.

At DRN Solicitors we have a great deal of experience in acting for persons accused of offences in relation to Football Disorder. We also deal with civil applications for football banning orders and have recently applied for early termination of orders successfully in the magistrates. Notable recent cases include a multi handed violent disorder between Burnley and Sheffield Wednesday supporters in which 2 defendants were acquitted.

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