Football abuse claim solicitors set for busy 2017 as investigation expands

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Police and FA officers are investigating more historical child abuse claims at all levels of the game.

Around 100 clubs from Premier League to amateur status are involved in the enquiry, according to a December statement by the National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC).

In Greater London alone, 77 organisations, including at least eight teams from the top two tiers in England are said to form part of the investigation.

The Metropolitan Police are investigating a number of incidents relating to alleged historical child sex abuse over several years.

As high-profile ex-professionals such as Paul Stewart and David White waive their rights to anonymity and go public about their suffering, others are being encouraged to come forward.

Abuse claims set to rise

With over 155 potential suspects identified already and more alleged victims expected to gain the confidence to speak out, specialist abuse claim solicitors are already assisting prospective claimants.

Regular advisor in abuse claims, Matthew Finley commented:

‘Potentially, there are a number of ways to claim compensation, such as an application via the criminal injuries compensation board.

‘Alternatively, a claim can be made against an individual, or in certain circumstances, an employer – if, for example, it can be shown that they were at fault or could have taken preventative steps.

‘Regardless of how it’s done, bringing any claim of this nature is an understandably traumatic experience.

‘And it’s essential that any advice provided by an abuse claim solicitor is provided in a caring and sensitive manner.’

If you’d like to talk to a specialist football abuse claim solicitor or want to discuss any historic incidents, talk to our supportive team to arrange your free initial consultation.

With support of the FA, the children’s charity NSPCC has set up a specialist 24-hour hotline on 0800 023 2642.