How to find the right conveyancer – top 3 tips

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You shouldn’t need the services of a conveyancer too often during your lifetime – but when you do, these tips will help you find the right one.

Don’t end up paying more for ‘cheaper’

One of the main advantages of using a conveyancer rather than a solicitor is the fact that their services typically cost less.

But conveyancing is a complex process involving large amounts of documentation, so be sure you’re confident in their attention-to-detail.

Any lack of diligence during the paperwork stage could come back to haunt you in the form of lengthy and costly delays, wiping out any low price advantage.

Make sure any quote provided includes a full breakdown of precisely what is covered by the fee.


Shop around before committing

When you come to sell your property, your estate agent may well recommend a conveyancer.

This could be in good faith, due to a great reputation, long-standing relationship or local convenience.

But it may well be because they’ll be set to earn a big commission if you follow their recommendations.

Try and secure some alternative estimates to compare, or if you don’t have time, ask for transparency on commission agreements.


Stay informed

Another advantage of using a conveyancer over a solicitor is that you don’t have to meet face-to-face.

This lack of requirement has led to many businesses to offer conveyancing as an online service for extra convenience.

But the flipside of added convenience can be reduced transparency, if you don’t know how your transaction is progressing.

With only an email address for comfort, you could be left in the dark as to whether your purchase or sale has suffered any setbacks.

If you opt for online, make sure you are able to contact someone too, for your own peace-of-mind.


More information on conveyancing.

As long as you remember that a cheap headline fee may not represent the great value it appears to and do your homework, you should have no problems.

But if you need to talk to an experienced professional in plain English about what you require we’re happy to help.

If you’re buying or selling a property and would like to discuss conveyancing services with a member of our helpful team, please contact us.