Employment Tribunal Fees review

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The government’s review of tribunal fees is underway.

Broadly speaking,  it will look at the effect that the introduction of fees has had and will consider other factors that influenced trends in the number of tribunal  cases brought. The review will also make recommendations for any changes to the structure and level of tribunal and Employment Appeal Tribunal fees.

This will surely be music to the ears of campaigners who have challenged the appropriateness of fees in employment cases. We’ll have to wait until the review has concluded, which should be at the end of 2015, before we have a clearer picture on what the future of paying for claims will look like.

Meanwhile, a decision is expected in the Autumn in the challenge to fees brought by Unison the union. Unison argues that tribunal fees are unlawful because they impede workers’ access to justice. They have already lost twice in the High Court, and the Court of Appeal will now decide.

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