DRN Protects Client Against Alleged Dangerous Driving Offences

Nick Cassidy

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Nick Cassidy, a consultant solicitor at our Burnley office, recently represented a client for numerous offences of dangerous driving. The alleged offences occurred on separate dates and involved the purported identification of the client by different police officers. Together with Mark Stuart from Lincoln House Chambers, Nick persuaded the prosecution that the identification evidence was insufficient, and the case was discontinued before trial at the crown court.

David Lawson, DRN Director, explained, “Identification is just as important as it ever was. It is a crucial part of any case, and the Police and Criminal Evidence Act provides firm guidance on identification parades. A mistaken witness can sometimes be compelling, but at DRN, we evaluate the identification carefully and even after charge, we can make representations if we think a charging decision is incorrect.”

If you need legal assistance, contact a member of our criminal department on 01282 433241. Nick Cassidy and David Lawson are experienced solicitors and take instructions on a variety of criminal & regulatory matters.