Divorce – A Considered Approach

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Divorce is one of those subjects which never really goes away, whether it’s a high profile ‘celebrity’ divorce, a controversial judgement making the news, or simply the fact that we’ve just cleared January – the traditional busiest month of the year for divorce lawyers when the ‘Christmas Effect’ takes hold of a troubled relationship and the desire for a fresh start becomes irresistible.

The ‘Christmas Effect’ fresh start is particularly tempting view, but it does paint rather a simplistic picture of what lies behind a decision to file for divorce; the reality is likely to be much more complicated.

Making the decision to divorce is not something that happens overnight and is likely to be the result of many months of deliberating. Even though divorce rates have actually fallen over the last few years, a Guardian article claims that an estimated 42% of marriages in Britain end in divorce; with 30% of people in couples describing themselves as “actively unhappy but unable to leave”.

An event such as the dawning of a New Year should therefore not be seen as something that inspires a new way of thinking but rather provides a sense of impetus to do something about a situation that has perhaps been going on for many months or even years.

We find it is unusual for a new divorce client to take the drastic action of filing for divorce straight away due to the heavy emotional upheaval involved in separation and divorce and initial enquiries tend to be to find out the available options concerning legal position and status.

As each relationship and situation is different, there are no hard and fast rules for divorce – particularly if there are more complex factors involved such as children, property, other assets or a business.

And the legal implications of divorce don’t end with the decree; settlements have to be seen to be honoured and this can lead to a whole new area of legal consideration. The latest proposals from the Law Commission for example set out to address the issue of outstanding divorce settlement payments through measures including banning a defaulter from driving or confiscating passports.

An ‘impulse decision’ based on an unhappy holiday break is unlikely to be the only reason behind a troubled or broken marriage, but the right advice from the start will help you understand just why you are making the move and ensure you are fully aware of your options.

DRN Solicitors offer a fixed fee initial consultation and case assessment for £80 plus VAT. This appointment with one of our divorce specialists allows you to gain an understanding of your position and establish the next steps you should take.

For those couples with a relatively straightforward, uncontested divorce, it may also be possible to take the route of one of our fixed fee divorce packages which provide a solution without the additional worry of how much the legal fees will cost.

For more information about any of our divorce packages or to speak to a divorce solicitor about your next steps, please contact us or call us on: Burnley –  01282 433 241 or Colne – 01282 864 500