COVID-19 – The UK’s Second Lockdown – Updated Restrictions

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In response to the continual rise in cases across the country, the UK has once again been placed under a national lockdown. 

After a brief period during which a tiered system was trialled, the new lockdown came into effect on Thursday 5th November at 12.01am, and is planned to remain in place until Wednesday 2nd December, when it will once again be reviewed by the Government. 

As with the first lockdown, pubs, restaurants and shops selling non-essential items have been forced to close, with the key message to the public being to stay at home as much as possible, and to work from home if you can. 


What will happen after 2nd December? 

The situation with active cases will be reviewed by the Government on 2nd December, after which date it is said that different parts of the country will return to adopt the previous tier system in order to plan an exit strategy, dependent upon the rate of infection and the number of active cases with each area. 


What are the new restrictions? 

The new lockdown shares similarities with the national lockdown which came into effect back in March 2020, but there are some key differences. 

  • Pubs, bars and restaurants must close, but food takeaways and deliveries are still permitted.
  • All non-essential retail, leisure and entertainment venues must close, including cinemas, theatres, music venues, gyms, leisure centres and shops selling non-essential items.
  • Mixing between households is banned, except for support or childcare reasons. 
  • You may exercise outdoors with one other person from outside your household. 
  • Travel within the UK is discouraged, and outbound international travel is prohibited (except for work purposes). 
  • Everyone is encouraged to stay at home, and should only leave their home to attend an educational institution, to receive medical care, to shop for food or essentials, to exercise, to provide care to others, or to go to work (if working from home is not possible). 
  • Children may also move between the homes of their parents if their parents are separated. 

Whilst some of these restrictions are ones we’re familiar with, unlike in the first lockdown, this time nurseries, schools, colleges and universities will remain open. 


Can I meet with my solicitor in lockdown? 

With the second lockdown, the rules have been updated to allow solicitors to meet with their clients within their firm if required, however virtual meetings are encouraged over meetings in person. 


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