Complaints Against Police

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What do you think is the gravest corruption issue facing the police force? According to Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC) it is sexual misconduct; backed up by a recently released report which has concluded that there is a real risk that hundreds of officers may have used their position for ‘sexual advantage’.

In fact, HMIC have ordered that police forces across the country review all complaints made against officers within the past two years.

Mike Cunningham, a former chief constable and Her Majesty’s inspector for the Northern region, has ordered an audit of all complaints following the suggestion that there have been over 400 such complaints over the last 24 months; a figure which may even be higher due to poor reporting procedures in some areas.

The action is being taken after Theresa May, then acting as Home Secretary, ordered a full review.

Here at DRN Solicitors we have a dedicated Actions Against the Police and Public Authorities Department which is headed up by Director David Lawson who, together with fellow director Matthew Finley and experienced solicitor David Leach, takes responsibility for cases involving protecting the rights of the public.

Looking at the wider picture of complaints against the police, there are clearly cases where action should be sought against both police officers and public authorities.

We have recently, for example, brought several successful claims for false imprisonment and unlawful arrest, where we have been able to specifically argue that members of the public have been arrested without sufficient evidence or detained in custody without proper grounds.

In each case, compensation has quite rightly been awarded.

Several of these claims have involved ‘regular visitors’ to police and magistrate court cells across the country, but we strongly believe that every individual has a right to be dealt with in a fair and lawful way, so every claim we support is handled with equal vigour and professionalism.

Returning to the specific issue of the sexual misconduct report, whilst the figures in themselves are quite alarming, it is clear the vast majority of police officers would be appalled if any of their colleagues misused their position for sexual misconduct.

This is a situation which should never happen, but where it does, victims should ensure they seek advice from a law practice with the expertise and understanding to handle their claim professionally and sensitively. No one should suffer in silence.

Making a complaint against a police action is an often complex area of law, but through our specialist expertise in this area, we are effective in bringing action where this is appropriate, with funding options available which can help our clients whatever their financial position.

For initial details on how the expert DRN team can help pursue a claim against the police, speak to David Lawson on 01282 433 241.