Bringing Actions Against The Police

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You may have seen a report in the Times, on Monday March 13 in which a father spoke about the “horrendous nightmare” he endured after a typing error led to his wrongful arrest for downloading child abuse images.

Nigel Lang’s home was raided and he was taken away for questioning before being kept on police bail because police made a mistake in noting down the IP address of a computer that featured in an investigation of online paedophilia.

Damages were sought for a breach of the Data Protection Act 1998, false imprisonment, police assault and battery and trespass by the police.

Mr Lang was awarded £60,000 in compensation 6 years after his ordeal began following a lengthy legal battle to extract information from two police forces.

Hertfordshire police settled out of court in October, agreeing to pay damages of £60,000 plus legal costs.

DRN Director David Lawson confirms that in this case, the damages were quantifiable on a number of factors including the total time spent in custody, with damages calculated on an hourly basis. In certain instances aggravated damages can be claimed where the basic award is insufficient and it can be shown that the police have acted maliciously, oppressively or in a high-handed manner. 

Making a complaint against a police action can be a very complex area of law, but our specialist expertise in this area makes DRN effective in bringing action where appropriate. We can also offer funding options to help our clients whatever their financial position.e

For initial details on how the expert DRN team can help pursue a claim against the police, speak to David Lawson on 01282 433 241.