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David Leach Secures No Ban For Drink Driving Offence In Case of R v JH

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Client Keeps his driving licence following the crown offering no evidence in relation to offences of; Driving with Excess Alcohol, No Licence and No Insurance. These offences were substituted with a single offence of being in charge of a motor vehicle where the level of alcohol exceeded the prescribed limit.

The case involved a witness seeing a male and female driving a motor vehicle, both whom appeared to be under the influence of drink. The police were called and after the witness followed the two suspect for some distance the police arrived at the scene where the vehicle had parked up. The police arrested the male and took the female home.

The witness who initially reported the incident and followed the vehicle lost sight of the vehicle for some time. When she located the vehicle sometime later the male was no longer in the driving seat. Two police officers arrived at the scene and their evidence was somewhat contradictory to each other, together with the break in the sighting of the vehicle, the crown could not be sure that the defendant, who denied driving or having any connection with the vehicle, was the same male who was seen close to the vehicle where it was parked.

Although the defendant received a financial penalty and 10 points on his licence, he managed to keep his driving licence, had he been convicted of the driving with excess alcohol offence he would have been disqualified from driving for a period of 14 – 18 months.

DRN Solicitors is committed to working within the law to help you contest any charges of motoring and driving offences and keep your licence so you can stay on the road.

No Insurance – Special Reasons Hearing

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David Leach Criminal Solicitor deals with Road Traffic Law

David Leach Criminal Solicitor deals with Road Traffic Law

Our client was stopped by the police in March 2015 for driving without Insurance. Although our client had transferred his insurance in December 2014, in the presence of the salesman at the car showroom, it transpired that the insurance company had not put our client on cover.

Driving without insurance is an absolute offence in these circumstances and as such our client had to plead guilty to the offence, which he did. The matter was listed for a special reasons hearing because our client was actively misled into thinking he was covered by the insurance company.

The hearing took place at Burnley Magistrates Court yesterday and the magistrates found special reasons; our client was sentenced to an absolute discharge and the court did not endorse his licence or make any award for costs.

This is not an uncommon scenario with more and more people purchasing their insurance online and receiving their paperwork electronically.

If you have any issues similar to the above then you can contact our specialist road traffic department at DRN Solicitors.

Colne Taxi Driver Case Discontinued

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David Leach Criminal Solicitor deals with Road Traffic Law

David Leach Criminal Solicitor deals with Road Traffic Law

Colne taxi driver charged with plying for hire has had his case discontinued by Pendle borough council after his first appearance at Burnley magistrates court. David Leach represented the client at court and the case was due to be tried in December. The local council decided not to continue with the prosecution and opted for another method of dealing with the matter which will allow the client to continue as a private hire driver after a short period of suspension.