I Have Been Asked To Attend The Police Station For A Voluntary Interview – What Is A Voluntary Iv?

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In recent years, the police have decided in many cases to interview someone suspected of committing a crime to attend the police station voluntarily, rather than arrest.

This may be because it is thought that it’s not necessary to arrest. If arrested, you can be detained for several hours and are not free to leave at any time.

A volunteer, however, is not under arrest and is therefore not placed under detention. Quite often a voluntary interview takes place after the police officer has called around to your house or left a note asking you to attend the police station for interview. 

If this occurs DO NOT attend without a solicitor. DO NOT be fooled into thinking that the police simply want to have a chat. A voluntary interview is the same as an interview under arrest. Furthermore, anything said or not could ultimately affect what happens at court, if a decision is taken to prosecute.

The fact that a voluntary interview is being requested does not mean that the matter is not serious. Indeed, it is not uncommon for interviews to take place on a voluntary basis for offences such as Drug Conspiracies, Serious Sexual Allegations, Fraud and Assault. 

Following the interview, you will be told that the facts will be reported. Thereafter the crown prosecution service will make a decision. Quite often a summons or postal requisition will follow.

It is always important to have help and support. Our solicitors provide legal advice and assistance which is FREE of charge for anyone attending the police station for interview.

Therefore if asked to attend the police station for interview; please contact a member of our crime team, who are available to attend the police station, 24 Hours a day, 7 days a week.

Please email the following information to info@drnlaw.co.uk:



Tel Number;

Date of Interview;

Officer Dealing / Name / Number;


A member of our team will then contact you without delay or alternatively ring our office on 01282 433 241 and ask for the criminal department.