Actions Vs Lancashire Constabulary

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In two separate actions against Lancashire Constabulary we (DRN Solicitors) have agreed out of court settlements with a combined total of £14,500 in damages for wrongful arrest and unlawful detention on behalf of our clients.

One case involved our client being unlawfully arrested in a social club in Waterfoot after it was alleged that he had committed a public order offence in a public area of the club. The Crown Prosecution Service discontinued the prosecution after the service of CCTV footage, which showed that he had not done what the 3  police officers had alleged. He brought an action against the Police for wrongful arrest, unlawful imprisonment, loss of amenity, personal injury and aggravated damages. Mr F has secured a substantial out of court payment for his loss of liberty for 12 ½ hours.

In the second case our client was lawfully arrested but the police failed to pay particular attention to the Bail Act and wrongly refused her bail which led to her being unlawfully detained for over 20 hours. Again our client received a substantial out of court settlement.

Both cases were dealt with under a no win no fee basis and only paid a small proportion of their legal fee’s under a conditional fee agreement.

If you have ever been arrested and felt that the police may have acted unlawfully then contact either David Leach or David Lawson at our Burnley office for a free consultation.